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Portrait of a Corsican Olive Oil Producer

People who grow olives are lovely. People who produce olive oil are special because they make something that will make us healthier.

Sandrine Marfisi’s dream of growing olives became a reality when she married and moved to Corsica back in 1996. Today this successful olive producer runs the family business, Domaine L'Asprellu, in the Nebbiu region in North Corsica, where they make 100% natural Corsican olive oil with olives from their estate. They press their extra virgin olive oil, L’Aliva Marina, to perfection in their very own mill without additives and filtration, and more importantly, it carries the prestigious AOP (Appellation d’Origine Protégée) label.

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3 Good Reasons why you should Include Mushrooms in your Mediterranean Diet Eating Plan

Grilled Shitake
Mushrooms are fascinating, invisible one day, pushing their way up through the earth the next day ready for eager mushrooms enthusiasts to pick. There are hundreds of different types of mushrooms: some are more exotic than others, some wild growing in wooded areas while others are cultivated. But, even if you add the simplest most common mushrooms to your soups, casseroles or side dish, you’ll still get that delightful flavor.

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Appreciating olive oil can start at any age, the younger, the better

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Olive oil tasting is like wine tasting; it’s a sensory experience, an acquired taste. What’s different though is that the law clearly stipulates that only those who have reached the legal drinking age can pick up and savor a glass of wine. That law thankfully does not apply to olive oil. Learning to appreciate olive oil at an early age is an advantage to young adults; it puts them on the right path towards a healthy lifestyle later on.

How soon then can our taste our taste buds start recognizing flavors and distinguish between excellent, mediocre and bad olive oil?

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